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I thought it would be interesting to provide a few facts regarding Home Owners Associations in the United States.  Here are some facts and figures about Community Associations:  Did you know that…
*2 million – number of homeowners who serve on association boards and committees,  *3.5 million – community association board and committee meetings per year, *$850 million – value of the time donated annually by volunteers to their community associations, *$35 billion – amount maintained in reserve accounts for long-term replacement of commonly held property, *$40 billion – assessments collected annually to fund services, utilities and amenities in community associations, *92% of residents state that they are not dissatisfied with their community association experience (70% satisfied, 22% neutral)

Over the past 40 years, there has been real boom in the growth of community associations like Spring Ridge.
1970       10,000 community associations                 701,000 housing units                     2.1 million residents
1990       130,000 community associations               11.6 million housing units             29.6 million residents
2010       309,600 community associations               24.8 million housing units             62 million residents
2012       323,600 community associations               25.9 million housing units             63.4 million residents

As you can see, being a member of Spring Ridge makes you a part of a very large industry.

*February 2012 IBOPE Zogby International survey of Americans who live in common-interest communities.